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Nicol Heating Services

Nicol Heating Services - Boiler Installation

For something that we all take for granted in our homes, gas is pretty dangerous stuff. If it leaks the consequence can be a fire or an explosion. Also, if an appliance is burning badly and isn’t ventilated sufficiently, poisonous carbon monoxide gas can threaten our families.

For this reason, all gas installations in the UK must be carried out by Gas Safe registered engineers. The Gas Safe Register offers advice on choosing a gas engineer and making sure that their credentials are genuine and up to date.

Nicol Heating Services are proud to be Gas Safe registered with the registration number 19871. All our team members are fully qualified and take part in regular ongoing professional development through Gas Safe and manufacturers training courses.

Efficient Service with the Personal Touch

You will find that you get a little bit extra from Nicol Heating Services too. Being a local business staffed by people that have families to care for, we understand that your home is somewhere you have to live, even when work like installing new boilers is going on. You will find that our team really care about the progress and finish of a job, installing your new boiler with minimum disruption and leaving your home clean and tidy. Apart from the new boiler and lower gas bills, you wouldn't even know we had been there.

Nicol Heating Services - Boiler Maintenance

Regular maintenance of a boiler is just as important as any other machine. Sometimes it is easy to forget something that just sits in a corner, quietly providing warmth and hot water. Very often it only comes to your attention when it goes wrong.

For the safety of your family, this should never be allowed to happen. Regular boiler maintenance helps ensure long-term economy by making sure that the unit is running as efficiently as it can, but even more importantly, can diagnose potential safety hazards before they develop.

Boiler Repairs

Each boiler is slightly different in its service schedule, but in general our engineers will carry out:

  • Boiler siting check. Check that the position of the boiler meets current standards
  • Burner condition check. We look at the flame, which should be a bright even blue. If the flame is orange/yellow or flickering it could indicate a potential problem.
  • Physical check of main components. We examine the heat exchanger, main gas injectors, burners, spark sensor probe for signs of deterioration or damage.
  • Connection check. Water and gas pipes are inspected for any signs of leaks
  • Venting check. Check that flue terminals are unobstructed and internal flue components are properly sealed.
  • Boiler cleaning. Carbon and soot deposits are removed from inside combustion chamber. This is an important precaution in the avoidance of carbon monoxide poisoning.
  • Function and control test. Restart the boiler to test functions and safety controls. Test the functionality of thermocouple in shutting off gas supply should the pilot flame fail.
  • Adjustment. Set the gas valve to ensure optimum burner combustion efficiency.
  • Gas analysis. Measure the CO/CO2 levels in your flue gases to make sure they fall within legal limits.
  • Gas Tightness test. If a gas seal has been broken, a tightness test must be carried out before replacing the boiler casing.
  • Case sealing check. Replace the boiler case, making sure that the case seal is intact and effective.
  • Incoming gas tightness test. The last test is to check the gas tightness at your meter. This makes sure that the home's entire gas installation is sound.
Even in the best run homes, the unforeseen breakdown can occur. If that should happen to you, and you experience a loss of heating or hot water, you will find the response of Nicol Heating Services to be reassuringly rapid, with reasonable call-out charges, efficient repairs and the sort of good old-fashioned, courteous service that brings calm to an otherwise stressful situation.

Nicol Heating Services - System Cleansing

When two dissimilar metals are present in a liquid the result is electrolysis where molecules of one are released to be deposited on the other. This leads to free ferrous particles floating around in the water of your central heating system. In turn these corrode and can very quickly fill up the water passages with a metallic, rusty sludge. This dramatically reduces the overall efficiency of the system, costing you money all the time your heating runs. Additionally, the life of pumps, radiators and boilers can be cut to a fraction of what it should be.

Prevention is better than cure.

The building regulations now stipulate that any new boiler fitment has to be accompanied by a thorough chemical clean of the heating system to flush out potentially damaging and heat-absorbing matter. When refilling the system, a good anti-corrosive agent is essential to prevent this build up occurring (it takes only a matter of weeks).

Additionally, you can fit a Magna Clean unit, which is essentially a magnetic cored sump where any ferrous particles are trapped for convenient removal later on. The important thing is that they no longer circulate in your heating system and you get the best value for money out of the gas that you use.

So, our advice is not to wait until you need a new boiler. Protect the one you have by calling us now to book a power flush, chemical clean and anti-corrosion treatment of your heating system. It costs less than most people think and can save you a small fortune in the longer term.

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